1. You asked - we answered. Here are the answers to the 5 most asked questions from Tosibox Platform customers.

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    3. 1. I am working with a specific protocol (MQTT, OPC, Modbus, BACnet, etc.). Does Tosibox have the drivers to support these?

    Tosibox enables authentic Layer 2 communication which means you do not need drivers for any ethernet protocol. Use whatever protocol, ethernet capable edge-device, data analytics software, or cloud hosting environment you choose. Leverage our automated networks to build the system you want, not the system that works with your legacy technology.

  1. 2. Is Tosibox cybersecure?

Tosibox is a cybersecurity company first. Automated networking means there is no possibility for human error in properly configuring our cybersecurity profile. Every Tosibox network includes:

  • Automated firewall at the edge without any static/public IP addresses or DNS servers. Everything connected to the Tosibox LAN is invisible to the internet
  • Point-to-point networks through 256-bit AES encrypted VPN tunnels without any third-party cloud
  • Fully encrypted data through our tunnels and fully encrypted data at rest in our cloud
  • User access control through physical first, multi-factor authentication without any IPsec tunnels or open ports

Tosibox is the standard for OT cybersecurity.

  1. 3. Our SCADA/BMS application sits in AWS or AZURE. Can I use Tosibox to connect dispersed assets back to the cloud?

Yes. Simply deploy the Tosibox Platform software in a virtual machine within your environment and use your master key to connect edge nodes to the cloud with just a couple clicks. Need Layer 2 support for BACnet or MQTT protocols? Roll your SCADA application into the Tosibox cloud for full Layer 2 access from edge-to-cloud and back.

  1. 4. How can I give users access to my system?

Tosibox networks require physical first, multi-factor authentication for access. Just like an ATM requires a debit card and a PIN to get cash, a Tosibox network requires a physical, serialized device and a password for access. With access control options for laptops, tablets, and phones, all users can securely connect to their systems in the way best suited to them. And if you don’t want to manage your infrastructure, Tosibox will do it for you and distribute access to users when they need it.

  1. 5. What changes need to be made to integrate Tosibox with my existing, IT infrastructure?

None. Tosibox integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure. IT teams need not change any settings in their firewall, open any ports, or buy and maintain any static IP addresses. Tosibox is built for the OT, and we have solved IT/OT convergence, making it easy to keep both sides of your DMZ separate but interoperable.

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