Tosibox achieve ISO 27001 Certification. 

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent nongovernmental organization and the world's largest developer of voluntary international standards. ISO 27001 is the worldwide known standard on how to manage information security. It lays out requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving information security management system (ISMS). 

ISO/IEC 27001 requires that the management:

  • Systematically examine the organization's information security risks, taking account of the threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts
  • Design and implement a coherent and comprehensive suite of information security controls and/or other forms of risk treatment (such as risk avoidance or risk transfer) to address those risks that are deemed unacceptable; and

  • Adopt an overarching management process to ensure that the information security controls continue to meet the organization's information security needs on an ongoing basis

“We at Tosibox Oy are proudly delivering continuously innovative software technology to the markets. We develop safe, easy to configure and easy to manage software-based operational technology (OT) networks. Security is a cornerstone when building OT networks and our patented security layer is unique. Being awarded a global certification ISO 27001 signals to our customers that we continuously focus on developing high quality information security processes.” says Tosibox CEO Kaija Sellman.

ISO 27001 certification underlines the importance Tosibox places on protecting customers data. For Tosibox, being at the edge of cyber security, achieving the ISO 27001 is a milestone in continuous improvement.

Tosibox security team that drives the security initiatives within Tosibox involved everyone throughout the company in improving the company security stance. All internal processes were reviewed and assessed. Security team established key performance indicators that are constantly followed to allow proactively intervene possible security threats before they amass.

“We at Tosibox are committed to the highest information security standards and we will keep delivering cutting-edge services made by combination of the most skilled people and the state-of-the-art technology.” says Tosibox R&D manager Jyrki Stranius happily.

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Kaija Sellman, Chief Executive Officer, Tosibox Oy
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About Tosibox
Tosibox Oy is a leader in secure OT (operational technology) networking with more than 100,000 networks and more than 100 million sensors, machines, assets, devices and users connected with the patented TOSIBOX® OT networking platform. Tosibox Oy has users in more than 150 countries, offices in Finland, Sweden, Germany, and the US, and a partner network covering more than 60 countries globally.