TOSIBOX® connectivity solution ensures remote maintenance for moving drilling units. Arctic Drilling Company serves its customers around the world, always reliably and safely, guaranteeing efficient drilling even in extreme conditions. We offer the best certified exploration drilling rigs in the field and professional personnel.


Arctic Drilling Company is an efficient, environment-friendly, and reliable partner for surface and underground drilling. The company’s specializes in exploration drilling, drilling rig development and manufacturing, and directional drilling, currently employing over 170 people in Scandinavia and Chile. The company’s moving drilling units can be posted in a remote location for months, after which being shipped to another location. It was important that a reliable remote connection can be created to the machines for remote maintenance, from anywhere in the world. With remote access the company wanted to also collect real-time data about the drilling units’ performance for product development and improvement purposes. Arctic Drilling Company was looking for a two-way communication solution with high throughput for secure data collection. As the data is then processed by an external partner, easy access management was also of high importance. A high level of data security is essential to avoid any personal injury on site and to ensure protection of company’s innovations.


The high-performance TOSIBOX® Lock 500 matched all Arctic Drilling Company’s needs perfectly. TOSIBOX® Lock 500 is installed to drilling units at the company’s factory in Finland, before they’re shipped off to work sites. For maintenance purposes, servicemen use TOSIBOX® Keys for establishing the remote connection, after the drilling unit is in use anywhere in the world. For the moving drilling units, a compact installation of one remote access device was considered optimal. The Lock 500i version with integrated modem does not require any additional pieces, is of compact size and fits well with other systems. Thanks to the Lock 500’s dual SIM feature, Arctic Drilling Company can utilize various operators for connectivity wherever the drilling units may be. TOSIBOX® creates a fully secure, two-way connection for remote access and data collection. Thanks to the massive throughput of the Lock 500, Arctic Drilling Company can collect large amounts of real-time data about the performance of its drilling machines. TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock acts as the platform for centralized access management. The data analysis partner’s server storing the collected data is also connected to the Virtual Central Lock, and the partner’s representatives get access to just that data and nothing else. TOSIBOX® solution creates big savings by enabling remote maintenance. In the future, Arctic Drilling Company plans to further improve its efficiency by performing physical maintenance or even control the machines remotely via TOSIBOX®.


  • Dual SIM slots for operator redundancy allows for even more reliable connectivity.

  • High performance. As the amount of data grows, TOSIBOX® Lock 500 offers the necessary VPN throughput.

  • Centralized access management enables granting limited access rights to external partners.

  • Cyber security. Two-factor authentication, automatic security updates and latest encryption technology.