As a contributor Tosibox offer added value connectivity to open automation platforms Industrial Edge from Siemens.

The megatrend in industrial automation today is platform independent ecosystems - for which Tosibox offers intelligent solutions and APPs for secure network connectivity. TOSIBOX® Solution creates real added value and connects people and devices in the simplest possible way. Customers benefit in many ways from the integration to the open ecosystem. Reduction of engineering effort through available APPs, cost savings in hardware, because solutions are offered based on software. Tosibox´s connectivity app is based on standardized container technology and offers the highest level of security for sensitive process data. By providing Tosibox APP in the Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace, it takes just a few minutes to set up a network for permanent communication. Tosibox connects users, devices and infrastructures across all borders.

Nowadays the trend is clearly towards cloud transformation and virtualization. As a Siemens Ecosystem Partner, Tosibox is also a member of MindSphere World to work more closely with technology partners. Today's IoT platforms already involve a lot of processing and data analysis in the cloud and also in edge devices. Connectivity must also be fluid between the locations and different clouds. IoT platforms have started to form increasingly complex ecosystems and the need for connectivity is growing. In this world there is a clear place for a simplified connectivity solution.

This is exactly where Tosibox comes in: in IoT applications, in which more and more devices are networked to manage the data, the Tosibox backend in a virtual platform serves as a HUB for these networked devices, users, and IT services. The ideal complement to Siemens MindSphere, the cloud based, open IoT operating system that connects products, plants, systems, and machines - enables data from the Internet of Things (IoT) to be used with extensive analysis.

Where do we at Tosibox see our value added proposition when integrating our technology in the SIEMENS Industrial Edge Ecosystem?

Tosibox offers technology to enable IT / OT convergence and creates OT managed services based on containerized products. Our container based software for seamless, secure remote communication enables embedded Siemens products such as PLCs, HMIs or drives to be securely connected to the IT company. Older brownfield installations and existing systems can be securely connected with Tosibox hardware and also integrated into the ecosystem. Tosibox offers added value for Siemens Industrial Edge with high-quality, state-of-the-art software components.

We at Tosibox are very happy to be part of the Siemens Industrial Edge Ecosystem with our solution!

Watch the video presented by Tosibox Technical Sales Support Manager Martin Lorenz, to learn more about how Tosibox connectivity solution integrate in Siemens Industrial Edge Ecosystem. Please notice that at the moment video is available only in German. 

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