TMPros is a US-based, nationally managed IT service provider. They specialize in designing and supporting IT/OT SCADA infrastructure for water and wastewater facilities. They also support in a variety of other verticals such as US Department of Defense agencies, municipalities, construction, trucking/logistics, and more. TMPros prioritizes cybersecurity and secure cloud infrastructure for each of their clients. 


TMPros was brought into a major wastewater treatment facility and tasked to mesh the pumps and sub-stations around the territory the treatment plant covered. Before employing TMPros, the plant used radio and other antiquated, unreliable and unsecure lines of communication. They were in need of a major upgrade. They also required plant engineers to view and manipulate SCADA alarms remotely and securely from mobile devices. Before TMPros set up the new systems, if alarms went off, engineers had to drive to the SCADA terminal, spending time and money that could be allocated elsewhere. 


President and Co-Founder of TMPros, Baron Wolt, uses Tosibox to secure connections in projects that require the very top security and the work they did with the major water treatment facility was no different. “I trust Tosibox because it allows for the secure, remote connections our clients’ engineers need to do their job much more efficiently,” says Baron. By deploying a SCADA system and using Tosibox to build the point-to-point connections, TMPros brought the major water treatment facility into the 21st century.  


Since TMPros implemented the SCADA system and Tosibox,Screenshot 2023-07-17 121343 the water treatment facility is able to save time and money by making it possible for their engineers to view, manipulate and troubleshoot pumps remotely. Rather than sending a tech out to the site every time an alarm goes off or when a measurement needs to be taken, the engineers can access the pumps from their iPads as effectively as if they were on site.  

Additionally, Tosibox comes with a connection failsafe. If the internet used to connect to the remote sites goes out, Tosibox automatically switches to cellular communication. The major water treatment facility quickly found out how useful this failsafe is. At one point, they temporarily lost their internet at one of the sites. Instead of losing all contact with those pumps, they maintained uptime because they were able to access the site via cellular.

Looking Forward

Currently, TMPros is working with SCADA facilities in Hawaii to deploy Tosibox in a few very unique locations as well as providing locked down access to road warrior engineers. “We will be deploying Tosibox in junction with Starlink to mesh a substation so remote, it’s only accessible by offroad vehicle,” explains Baron. 

What’s more, TMPros is mapping out connectivity for a large water/wastewater treatment plant in Southern California and plan to mesh over 60 locations, not only for SCADA connectivity but also door lock security and camera feeds. “We are excited for what the future of our business holds with the limitless possibilities of implementing Tosibox,” says Baron. 


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