Gröninger Cleaning Systems is an innovative, global designer and manufacturer of high and low-pressure cleaning systems. The company provides complete systems, from simple units to turn-key solutions. The activities of Gröninger Cleaning Systems include design, development, engineering, installation and service of the complete cleaning technology as well as the infrastructure around it. Even the most specific customer requirements can be met through customization.

Challenge: Security, operational reliablility and ease of use of setting up remote system

Gröninger supplies their systems globally to, among others, Vietnam, Germany, Austria, Belgium and Israel. To maintain these systems, it requires that the operator has a certain degree of technical education. Therefore, Gröninger has equipped their machinery with remote access to enable remote site support and active monitoring of the systems installed globally. In the past Gröninger was using several ways to connect to their systems, but it became difficult to manage, it required maintenance, it was unreliable and considered unsecure by the end customer. Therefore security, operational reliability and ease of use of setting up the remote system were very important criteria.

Solution: Fast, easy, reliable and stable connectivity by TOSIBOX

Gröninger discovered the highly secure TOSIBOX connectivity solution that is easy to set up even without special IT skills. The company equipped its machinery in remote locations with TOSIBOX® Locks, enabling reliable remote control and maintenance. Behind each TOSIBOX® Lock there are about 30 to 40 devices such as PLCs, HMI and control cabinets that are connected and directly accessible via a TOSIBOX® Key. In case Gröninger’s customer wants insights into their system, Gröninger can share remote access via an additional sub key. This way access management remains very easy and secure.

“Security, operational reliability and ease of use are important to us. TOSIBOX solution perfectly answers to all our needs.”

Geert-Jan van den Eijnden, Project Engineer ICT, Gröninger Cleaning Systems