Enerparc AG is an internationally oriented and rapidly growing company offering a full range of services related to the installation and profitable operation of solar power plants with an output of 1 MWp and more. Enerparc has successfully been furthering the technological and commercial evolution of solar energy in Europe, USA and Asia.


Enerparc has more than 200 solar plants located in 16 countries. All of these plants require constant monitoring, maintenance and secure remote access. Enerparc headquarters in Hamburg is connected 24/7 to all remote stations, but also the mobile service team needs to have access to the stations regardless of where they are. The prior solution was to equip each remote station with a SIM card that obtained a public IP-address, which is very vulnerable and complicated to acquire when operating globally. The setup process for remote access was problematical due to multiple device manufacturers and companies involved, and equally complicated to support. In addition, the IP-settings for each remote station were unique – which meant that there was a lot of data to be updated


Enerparc installed TOSIBOX® Locks to all their remote stations and a TOSIBOX® Central Lock to their headquarters. The service team can now access remote stations on the go with their TOSIBOX® Keys. The scalable solution allows easy and fast setup of new remote connections, including the granting of restricted access for Enerparc’s partners. As it uses the latest security technology, software, and encryption, the Tosibox solution also significantly improved the security of Enerparc’s remote access system. TOSIBOX® Locks provide NAT configuration and employ PKI using RSA and multi-factor authentication coupled with TLS, Blowfish and AES encryption standards. Automatic set up with TOSIBOX® hardware encryption means that Enerparc does not have to worry about the OpenVPN/Ipsec encryption. As Tosibox works with any type of Internet connection, Enerparc can utilize connections and devices that best serve their needs. Automatic connection setup does not require a public IP-address. Additionally, all remote stations now have identical IP-settings which simplifies maintenance. All in all, the Tosibox solution makes it easier for the service team to access and serve the solar plants and the people connected to the system.  


  • Scalable: Enerparc can quickly and easily set up new remote connections, and also provide restricted access to partners.
  • Independent: Enerparc can utilize Internet connections and devices that best suit their needs.
  • User friendly: There is no need for tailored and unique settings for every remote station.
  • Cost effective: Easier usability and updating allows more efficient resource allocation.
  • Secure: The solution does not provide open doors for hackers.
  • Mobile: The service team can easily access the system from anywhere.

    Enerparc AG is an internationally oriented and rapidly growing company offering a full range of services related to the installation and profitable operation of solar power plants with an output of 1 MWp and more. Enerparc has successfully been furthering the technological and commercial evolution of solar energy in Europe, USA and Asia.

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