Etheridge Automation is a US-based manufacturer of Aggregate Automation systems and Software Scales™ for conveyor belts for customers in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Need to Empower Remote Operations with Reliable and Secure Data Connections

Because Etheridge Automation's average customer is located hundreds, if not thousands of miles from their home office, secure data connections are a business essential for remote troubleshooting and modification to customer's systems, tracking and visualizing data, and providing real-time alarms and dashboards of operational systems. In the past, Etheridge would have to rely on their customer's local IT department or outside vendors to set up and maintain a secure connection. This meant a lack of reliability, security and most frustrating, a common standard. Not to mention, this was a technical and financial burden on the end-user. Thus, the engineers at Etheridge were challenged to find a technology solution that could reliably provide secure remote access, continuous data flow, the ability to control and audit access and provide real-time alarms to customer systems, and that was easy to deploy, cost effective and secure.

Tosibox Technology: The Future of Networking for Etheridge and Its Customers

The engineers at Etheridge studied many different solutions from self-made networks to cloud-based technology. Upon finding Tosibox, Etheridge immediately deployed Tosibox technology to a handful of customers to see if the systems would perform...wondering if Tosibox was "too good to be true". After only a few installations, Etheridge found Tosibox to be a much more reliable networking option, while being more secure and easier to use. After seeing the success of implementing Tosibox technology, Etheridge has started retrofitting the technology into its existing customers' systems and is supplying Tosibox technology on all new systems shipped from its headquarters.

"Tosibox products have proven invaluable to us. We service automation systems and scales across the US, Canada, and Australia. Tosibox allows us to perform a lot of services remotely that previously had to be done on-site. This capability has allowed us to maximize our manpower while providing better, faster, and cheaper service to our customers. Now all of our new systems come with a Tosibox priced in, and we are currently expanding our use of these devices to help with remote view, reporting, trend analysis and distribution into other countries. Setup is straightforward and tech support has been excellent.” states Jon Etheridge, VP, Etheridge Automation.

The key benefits

  • Easy to configure and deploy
  • World-class security
  • Scalability to meet customer needs
  • Improved and reliable speed of data transfer
  • Excellent ongoing support from Tosibox
  • Alignment with networking standards allows for an easy design and development process.

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