Helvar are specialists in intelligent and energy efficient lighting solutions. The extensive range of products, including lighting controls and luminaire components, can be used as single components or combined into lighting systems to achieve smart solutions. These solutions allow customers to deliver not only vastly improved energy efficiency but enhanced human comfort, mood and productivity with lighting. 

The key benefit provided by Helvar’s lighting systems is energy-efficiency. Sites are promised a 70%  average reduction in energy consumption after they upgrade. Moreover, sites that use LED lighting can often halve their lighting-related electricity consumption. These reductions are produced by
appropriately controlled sensors that adjust to natural light and people’s movement. Energy is saved when the amount of light used is optimised for every situation.

The optimal running of these systems can be ensured through continuous monitoring and maintenance. Helvar also wanted to improve its range of services by offering a continuous Service Care package, and a secure remote connection has made this possible. A Service Care Account requires a remote connection through which the monitoring and servicing of lighting systems can be performed.

Customer security is a significant factor, which is why Helvar absolutely wanted a secure and safe remote connection. It was highly important to Helvar that the systems and data could not be accessed by outsiders.

Helvar begun to protect its energy-efficient lighting systems with Tosibox remote connection technology

Tosibox stood out among its competitors by offering a secure remote connection. Now services offered by Helvar include a safe Service Care Account that can be monitored, and this has been made possible by the Tosibox remote connection. With this new type of service, Helvar is able to remotely monitor the technical data and energy consumption of its sites. The system alerts the monitor to any malfunctions, and Helvar’s staff can then use the secure remote connection to check the alert. At the same time, the staff can also see if the required service measures can be performed remotely or by sending a technician to the site.

Thanks to Tosibox’s solution, Helvar can now offer an automatic Service Care Account to all of its new sites for a two-year warranty period. This way customers get the best return for their investment in an energy-efficient lighting system. Tosibox technology has become an essential part of Helvar’s lighting systems management, and this technology will be installed on all of the major new sites.


  • Secure Tosibox remote connection enables direct monitoring, data collection and servicing of sites
  • All data comes to Helvar via the secure connection without any intermediaries
  • There are no more unnecessary complaints as Helvar can monitor lighting systems and their condition directly
  • Monitoring and remote management provide information on when to send a technician to the site.
  • This automatically cuts out any unnecessary visits
  • Remote management also enables the remote adjustment of all systems, which means that modifications and optimization of systems can be done faster than before
  • Thanks to Tosibox technology, Helvar was able to introduce a whole new service to its range of services.


"We experimented with a range of remote management alternatives but ended up rejecting every one of them. However, Tosibox's secure remote connection has now made us a clear market leader. Many customers are already familiar with remote management but the secure connection puts us at the
forefront. This is all about the digitalisation of daily life: at our largest site, we have 552 routers and 90,000 light fittings. Through these routers, each fitting and group of fittings can be adjusted.”
Jukka Riikkula, Sales Director, Finland Helvar Oy Ab

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