As all other large organizations, even a retail chain with hundreds of outlets has to allow external partners access to its IT network and systems, such as building automation, camera surveillance, freezers, bottle recycling machines and access control. Hacking of these devices could cause significant damage. The retail chain wanted to ensure the security before anything regrettable happened.

Tosibox helped create a controlled IoT network of always-on VPN connections for remote maintenance, continuous monitoring, real-time data collection and data logging. The retail chain was able to build a network that corresponded to the challenges of operative business, independent of IT. TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock enabled combining IT and OT network without users being able to access devices or any other parts of the network than those that they have been granted access to. The Virtual Central Lock cut centralized access management work time from days into minutes, enabling easy management of big networks without any complicated configurations needed.

“With TOSIBOX® solution, a new variable online with access rights takes a few minutes, whereas with old-fashioned IT networks completing the same task took days or weeks.”

Tomi Liias, Sales Director, Tosibox Oy