PehuTec utilizes TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock for secure remote access and easy distribution and management of access rights

PehuTec is a rapidly growing R&D partner that solves various sizes of product development challenges for its customers. PehuTec is focused on wireless, IoT and medical solutions. The company’s active and certified product development solutions facilitate customer success.


Telecommuting has become increasingly common thanks to faster connections and a cultural shift in the ways of working. Innovativeness has always been one of PehuTec’s main values, going eagerly and fearlessly towards the new and unknown. Therefore, it is not surprising that the company has also a positive attitude toward remote work. Headquartered in Oulu, Finland, PehuTec has several offices around the country. Working remotely is business as usual for them and something they want to make as smooth as possible. PehuTec was using a basic VPN solution for sharing remote access to its team members in remote locations. However, the connection was not regarded as fast enough for effortless remote work. At a certain time of day, the connections even dropped, causing not only inconvenience and annoyance for remote workers, but also interruptions and loss of data. PehuTec was looking for a reliable solution for providing secure remote access and easy distribution and management of access rights.


PehuTec then discovered TOSIBOX® - an innovative remote access solution that shares PehuTec’s hometown Oulu. The solution was implemented in only half a day, and it has since then continued to amaze with its reliability and ease of use. PehuTec installed TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock into their office server, and TOSIBOX® SoftKeys were installed on the remote workers’ laptops. TOSIBOX® helped PehuTec replace a traditionally cumbersomely and laboriously configurable VPN solution with modern, configuration-free technology.

PehuTec’s employees can now connect to their company server using the SoftKey computer software without using a physical Key. They no longer suffer from unreliable connections and can enjoy working the same way they would at their company headquarters’.

The IT responsible’s job became considerably easier as he can manage access rights with the Virtual Central Lock from anywhere by using a TOSIBOX® Key that acts as the Master Key. New SoftKeys can be created and access rights can be granted immediately even from the other side of the country.

The Virtual Central Lock enables the creation and management of access groups, giving PehuTec added value being able to provide restricted access to its customers. This has facilitated better communication with PehuTec’s customers. Also thanks to the high level of security of the solution, PehuTec can be certain that their and their customers’ data such as documentation subject to patenting or source codes remains safe.

PehuTec has been very pleased with the solution and in the future intends to install a TOSIBOX® Lock 500 into their bigger offices.


  • Very easy management of access rights

  • Reliable remote connectivity for modern telecommuting needs

  • High level of cyber security for PehuTec as well as its customers

“With TOSIBOX®, we have been able to tackle the issues in connection reliability. This has saved our team the trouble that they previously experienced with broken connections. TOSIBOX® provides us a secure remote connection that ensures our customers’ data remains safe.”

Jussi Vepsäläinen, Technology and SW Manager, PehuTec Oy