1. Designed especially for rehabilitation and senior exercise, strength training equipment manufactured by HUR makes training safer and more efficient. In particular, the elderly and rehabilitators appreciate the speed and ease of use enabled by smart guidance.

    When users sign in by inserting their SmartCards in the reader of a fitness machine, the workout program created by a physiotherapist starts to load. All the equipment has been connected to a server at the gym, which retrieves information such as; accurate training resistance, number of reps per exercise, and settings for seats and levers. The equipment collects all exercise data, which provides immediate feedback about training progress for the instructor and helps them give individual guidance to the customer.


HUR needed remote access to installations located in different parts of the world. Using remote desktop tools required setting up a shared time window, e.g., which was cumbersome and time-consuming when operating in various time zones.

After launching its new Smart Touch system, HUR was looking for a better connectivity solution. The original router delivered with the devices to be installed did not enable VPN connectivity. A system that facilitates smart maintenance would offer greater added value to customers through a more proactive approach.


Lounea (formerly known as Canorama) and Tosibox spotted the customer’s need and found a suitable solution. HUR tested TOSIBOX® Node for the remote maintenance of its fitness machines in Malaysia. The testing quickly convinced HUR of the solution’s ease of use. A new TOSIBOX® Node can be deployed in less than five minutes without several hours of configuration work.

Smart fitness machines are always connected. Before getting shipped out, each device gets a pre-installed TOSIBOX® Node. Once they arrive at their destination, all that is needed to do is assemble the machines and switch the node and the gym machines on. TOSIBOX® Node, equipped with a firewall, distributes IP addresses to the devices.

As the equipment base of HUR expanded, and TOSIBOX® Nodes spread out into the world, Lounea leased out a virtual environment from its data center, where a TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock was installed to facilitate management. Using TOSIBOX® Key, HUR logs on to TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock, which serves as the endpoint for connections from hundreds of machines worldwide. It is also easy to define access groups for local service personnel from the Virtual Central Lock. For example, in Australia, the Tosibox connection ensures that the person servicing the machines only sees the devices for which they have been granted the appropriate access rights.

The next-generation upgrade for the strength training equipment has now been completed, and HUR is planning to further develop their remote management tools together with Tosibox and Lounea.

”Maintenance is the key. A system that facilitates maintenance would offer greater added value to customers. In that, Tosibox was the necessary first move.”, says Hannu Rauhala, R&D Manager, Ab HUR Oy
“The benefits of the TOSIBOX® solution include ease of use and reliability, the effortless granting of permissions as well as an easily replicable process.”, says Markku Ylitalo, Development Manager, Lounea 


  • Fast and easy deployment without configuration
  • Simple operating logic remains, even with expanding infrastructure
  • TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock can be installed in a third-party data center without burdening the company’s internet connection
  • Security of the user details that reside on the server is always up to date

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HUR is a leading supplier of computerized strength training equipment especially developed for rehabilitation and senior users. Their training equipment built on pneumatic technology is manufactured in Finland and distributed to more than 40 countries.

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Lounea (Formerly known as Canorama) is a Finnish digital service company and connection builder. As a local operator, they develop the attractiveness of municipalities and cities by bringing reliable connections to bring joy to life and efficiency to operations. Their solid business consists of optical fiber, business services and mast operations.

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