Each customer application is different. Every industrial controller uses a different communication protocol and programming environment and these, in-turn, carry their own set of network requirements. While every end-user has standards for what devices they allow on-site, it is the integrator’s job to work with all devices and connect them to a broader SCADA ecosystem.

In the world of Industry 4.0, interconnected systems and processes require a simple, secure, scalable digital strategy. As an Ignition integrator, you have already seen SCADA simplification at its finest. One of Ignition’s strengths is the wide range of onboard drivers for industrial protocols. Regardless of which PLC or compute device is used at the edge, Ignition has a driver to integrate that protocol. This means you can use one SCADA application for nearly all your customers and their applications.

The next question is - How do you get data from the field into your SCADA application?

Historically, you would build traditional IT networks, open ports, and allowlist addresses for each specific protocol, then pipe the data from the field OR you would use a protocol converter at the edge and standardize on data transmission with a single protocol. Either approach adds cost and complexity. This is not a forward-thinking digitization strategy. Instead, highly technical integrators use Ignition to manage all their connected protocols from a single place - and they use Tosibox technology to automate the secure, protocol agnostic tunnels that connect their Ignition instance to their customer’s devices.


By automating the cybersecure, protocol agnostic tunnels necessary for dispersed Ignition infrastructure, Tosibox eliminates the cost, complexity, and cybersecurity risk for integrators. No more traditional IT tools that require expertise and hours/days to build. No more managing tens/hundreds/thousands of individual protocol converters at the edge. Tosibox provides a simple, secure, scalable infrastructure that enables the full capabilities of Ignition’s platform. That is future-proof flexibility. Ignition requires an infrastructure platform that enables the full suites of its capabilities. Tosibox technology provides exactly that.


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Blog post is written by DJ Melancon - OT Network engineer helping you to digitize and automate OT networks.