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The need to modernize outdated SCADA system

The town of Pine Bluffs provides water, wastewater, and electricity services. The town’s SCADA is a critical system for continued operations, management, and reporting. Their existing SCADA System was comprised of hardware and software that had become outdated, problematic and was difficult to maintain and support.

The town was looking to replace the current system with a new one using the latest hardware and software available. The design and replacement would include all RTU control panels, Radios, SCADA Software, and Computers. The new SCADA System had to maintain existing control of the remote sites and utilize existing end devices and communication infrastructure. They wanted to update and modernize their SCADA software, screens, and functionality, and add the ability to access their system on mobile devices remotely.

Enhancing the SCADA system with the expertise of ICT ET and Tosibox

ITC had used Tosibox to provide security and remote access for other customers and projects, so they instantly knew that with these customer expectations - Tosibox would fit their needs.

First, the existing RTU panels were replaced with new Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC panels, designed and built by ITC.  Then the existing licensed 450Mhz radios were upgraded to new GE/MDS ethernet radios. New SCADA software by Ignition (Perspective) was chosen to meet the customer's desire for a SCADA system that can easily be used on mobile devices - as well as reporting, alarm notifications, and historical data.

Finally, a Tosibox 670 node was installed with the SCADA Computers at Town Hall to allow secure remote access to the system. A combination of the Tosibox Physical USB keys and the MobileClient app gives users different options to access the system from their PCs or mobile devices.

Using Tosibox ensures that the Pine Bluffs' critical infrastructure cyber security needs are met to help protect their Water, Wastewater, and Electrical systems. As for the system integrator, ITC can now remotely access the system to provide troubleshooting, maintenance, and software updates. The Tosibox Mobile App made installation and operation very user-friendly. Employees can access the SCADA system on their mobile devices regardless of the time and place, and, most importantly – they can do it cyber securely 24/7.

Achieved benefits

  • Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure
  • Secure Remote Access for the Town and System Integrator
  • One Gateway allows the Town to monitor 11 remote sites
  • Simple Configuration, Installation and Easy Use of the Solution
  • Support for Mobile Devices

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