In the fast-paced world of building management and automation, staying ahead of technological challenges is critical to ensuring uninterrupted service and efficiency.

This case study explores the challenges faced by an entertainment venue in Colorado, the solutions implemented by Haynes Mechanical using Tosibox technology, and the significant impact of these changes on the venue's operations.

The Challenge: Network Outages and IT Overload

Initially, the end customer (an entertainment venue) encountered frequent network outages, significantly affecting its operations. These outages were primarily due to changes in firewall rules by the IT team, which inadvertently disrupted connections to critical systems. The venue's facilities team managed the on-premises server, hosting the Niagara supervisor for the Building Automation System (BAS). Yet the server and network connectivity fell under the IT team's control. This arrangement not only led to operational inefficiencies but also placed a considerable burden on the IT team, which is responsible for maintaining server OS, ensuring cybersecurity best practices, and addressing the myriad other IT needs of the venue.

Moving to the Cloud with Tosibox

Recognizing the need for a robust and streamlined solution, Haynes Mechanical proposed and executed a revolutionary strategy: moving the Niagara instance from its on-premises setup to a Tier 4, SOC 2 Tosibox cloud environment. This move was facilitated by employing Tosibox technology to connect the cloud-based supervisor with the on-site physical JACEs and controllers. By doing so, Haynes Mechanical significantly reduced the server/network management load on the IT team while also enhancing system connectivity and uptime.

Secure, Efficient, and Remote Management

The implementation of Tosibox technology was a game-changer for the end customer. Tosibox's cybersecure connectivity enabled the creation of a reliable infrastructure that could seamlessly pass data from the building to the cloud and back. Moreover, through the expertise of Tosibox cloud architects, Haynes Mechanical developed a public-facing dashboard integrated with the venue's active directory, allowing the facilities team to securely monitor their operations via a web browser from any location. This move not only improved operational visibility but also introduced a level of flexibility and accessibility that was previously unattainable.

The Benefits: Enhanced Uptime and Operational Focus

The transition to Tosibox's cloud environment and the adoption of its secure remote connectivity solutions have profoundly impacted the entertainment venue. There has been a substantial increase in system uptime, ensuring smoother operations and enhanced guest experiences. Furthermore, the venue's IT team can now redirect its focus towards other critical IT priorities, relieved from the burdens of managing OT infrastructure. The collaboration with Haynes Mechanical has also ensured that the venue has a dedicated team of professionals monitoring and maintaining its building automation system, ready to rapidly respond to incidents and mitigate potential downtime. The cooperation between Haynes Mechanical and Tosibox shows the potential for collaborative solutions to overcome the complexities of modern building automation. By leveraging cloud technology and secure remote connectivity, existing operational challenges can be smoothly solved.

About Haynes Mechanical: 

Haynes Mechanical, founded in Denver in 1968, specializes in providing energy-efficient HVACHaynes blue logo Solutions throughout the Rocky Mountain corridor. Their underlying objective is to maximize the efficiency of clients' facilities without compromising on comfort, integrity, or sustainability.

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