Glaston, a Finnish company with a long industrial tradition, is a global supplier of glass refining
technology and a technology leader in the manufacture of all types of heat treatment machinery for glass.

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Previously, when a new machine is being commissioned, a remote connection is required to support Glaston’s own installation technicians. After commissioning, a remote desktop enables support to be provided to the customer and matters such as complaints to be handled. It also helps to locate the sites of problems that may arise in processes. The previous connection solution had proven challenging due to the complex, time-consuming deployment. Network devices always needed to be configured for compatibility with the customer’s network, so the IT department was also required to help. There were continuous problems with establishing remote connections, changing settings and deploying devices, and IT expertise was required to solve these. Glaston’s installation technicians are not IT experts, and solving problems involving several different parties made it unclear who was responsible and led to delays in timetables. 

TOSIBOX’s test installations convinced everyone – including those who initially doubted the usefulness of the new solution. Configuration took a matter of seconds, and everything worked as it was supposed
to, without any problems. In a couple of years since the testing took place, Glaston has supplied 140 machines equipped with TOSIBOX connections to customers in various parts of the world. All new and
refurbished Glaston devices now come with a TOSIBOX. Problems establishing connections are now a
thing of the past, and everything has worked superbly since the beginning.

The greatest benefit of the TOSIBOX® solution has been its ease of use. The solution is independent of the end-customer’s environment, and configuration takes place flawlessly in just a few clicks using the TOSIBOX® Key, which contains the relevant settings. The solution also has several other advantages that Glaston did not even realise it was looking for. One such advantage is that the TOSIBOX® Lock has its own WiFi connection.

Previously, installation technicians had to drag temporary cables along the factory floor to connect machines up during the commissioning phase. Now, the wireless connection is ready immediately and there is no need to waste time connecting up cumbersome cables. 

The TOSIBOX solution’s information security features also enable the level of security required to transfer data between machines and Glaston’s new cloud service. Business-critical information, such as machine status data, operation data and statistics, were previously only processed locally. Thanks to the TOSIBOX® connection, the data can now be securely transferred to Glaston’s private cloud without risking it falling into
the wrong hands.


”TOSIBOX® has provided us with several benefits in addition to easy commissioning. For example, high information security standards enable business-critical data to be used by our new cloud service”. states Cloud SW lead from Glaston


  • Easy to configure and deploy
  • Does not require special IT expertise
  • Enables several devices to be connected directly
  • Wireless connection facilitates and accelerates work during the installation phase
  • Centralised monitoring of the entire network of devices from premises located in Tampere, Finland
  • High information security standards enable the business-critical data required by the cloud service
    to be transferred securely

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