Thanks to the reliable and secure Tosibox solution the Asokodit building management company, based in Finland is able to focus on the essential matters of building maintenance.Asokodit owns almost 16,000 right-of-occupancy homes in various parts of Finland. The company sells right-of-occupancy contracts and takes care of management and maintenance in the buildings that it owns.

Challenges in modern building automation

Building maintenance is an entity made up of many parts. In recent years, energy consumption has become a key theme but the company must also ensure the functionality of the water supply and sewer systems, while looking after the lifts and façades. Modern building automation boosts efficiency by enabling the various sub-areas of building technology to be remotely monitored and operated. This enables faster reactions in the event of problems, fewer wasted maintenance trips and operations that are adapted to real-time needs, which improves energy efficiency and decreases costs.

Asokodit utilises building automation in many ways, particularly in its largest buildings. Constant connection and security problems led the company to search for a more reliable remote access solution. In particular, the 3G connections had problems that could not be resolved with the previous system. A further problem was a lack of information security, which resulted in the company’s systems being broken into, leading to the need for a more robust solution to ensure information security and the security of residents.

Creating an infrastructure to fit customer's needs

Asokodit is collaborating with Caverion, a company specialising in life-cycle management of buildings, and it
has outsourced the maintenance and monitoring of its building automation to them. A reliable, secure remote
connection solution was required to enable services to be provided in accordance with the agreement. Asokodit
and Caverion began working together to search for an infrastructure that would meet their requirements.

A number of options were identified and Tosibox was selected as the new solution following successful trial
installations. Tosibox won out thanks to its operational reliability, references and displays. All of the remote
connections on Asokodit’s largest new and renovated sites will now be provided in a centralised and secure
way using Tosibox. Although the sites use a variety of devices and connections, Tosibox’s standardised solution
and deployment are compatible with every site.

The connection problems that once plagued these sites are now a thing of the past. The reliability and high-level information security of Tosibox’s technology enables building maintenance to focus on its core activities rather than constantly troubleshooting connection problems. Residents receive better service and greater comfort thanks to the elimination of problems with the water and heating systems.

The Benefits 

  • High-class information security
  • Tried, tested and reliable technology
  • Reliable remote connections enable customers to focus on essential matters
  • Improved service quality, residents can enjoy flawless water supply and heat generation
  • Enables maintenance and monitoring of building automation to be outsourced
  • An enabler of service businesses

"Building automation is a small part of building maintenance. Thanks to Tosibox, we can now focus on core activities rather than constantly troubleshooting connection problems” - The Property Manager, Asokodit.

"From the perspective of constructing remote access to building automation and analytics for a large portfolio
of properties, it is important to standardise the remote connection solution and implement everything using
a model that provides information security. This enables conditions and energy usage to be managed
and brings clarity to the implementation of the client's property management. We have created a joint operating model for Asokodit and we use this as a basis for working with the client to develop further solutions that support maintenance.” - The Business Unit Manager, Caverion.