My name is Ryan Harenberg, my friends call me Berg. Tosibox just accepted another Ryan to our team, so I am Berg to my friends and colleagues as well. 



I joined the team this September (2022) and had a lot to learn in little time. Allow me to present some compact nuggets of info in a quick read for you, answering - what the heck is Tosibox? 


In short, we’ve eliminated the cost, complexity, and cybersecurity risk of building OT infrastructure.


The 3 C’s in my everyday language. That’s who we are to our customers, partners, and champions. You are hearing our name in the industry. It’s as simple as the 3 C’s. 


Cost: Tosibox has automated networking and made the infrastructure piece of the puzzle 🧩 fractions of the cost of Traditional IT. Gaining access to a comprehensive, OT ecosystem in a budget-friendly fashion has not been the norm in the technology space - until now. 


Complexity: Networking has never been the easiest task on anyone’s checklist: not for Systems Integrators, not for customers and not the IT team. OT and IT are different environments with different requirements. The OT space requires a purpose-built tool in 2022 and beyond. Tosibox’s automation of networking takes out the human aspect of creating robust networks and gives back to you: future peace of mind, scalability, and agnostic and transparent infrastructure in 10 seconds. 


Cybersecurity: The automation of networking and connecting all dispersed OT assets takes out the human potential for errors and cyber-attack vectors. Tosibox is your Pen-Tested and industry trusted partner for cybersecurity with embedded infrastructure out of the box. 


You focus on applications and services. We got you cyber-covered on the networking - so you can do more of what you do best for less. 🧠 🔐💸


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Blog post is written by Ryan Harenberg- professional Regional Sales Manager and team member.