This idea of Technology being split - IT vs. OT thought process - is a false narrative. It is, now, IT & OT - how can we ensure dual importance and priority amongst such critical pieces of business and infrastructure? Let’s focus a few minutes on IT and OT: their differences and similarities, and start a mindset shift around their relationship.

Information Technology (IT) is all Technology related to business. Salesforce, Microsoft, Outlook, etc., are great tools to move the business forward. This Technology is important for the business to make money but less critical to stay up and run than, for example, traffic light systems, HVAC controls in buildings, monitor and control of our water supply.

Operational Technology (OT) is everything else connected to the internet, keeping operations running smoothly. Think of your HVAC system, lighting, air control, etc. This critical piece of Technology has a difference in environments and a different set of requirements. The connected enterprise knows you need both halves of your Technology to be safely secured and prioritized to grow and prosper.

Now let’s shift the mindset around the IT and OT relationship.

IT tools are simply not designed for OT. Trying to build out diverse, dispersed OT technology infrastructure utilizing traditional IT tools is a non-starter. Quickly, things start to get expensive and complex, and cyber security attack potentially skyrockets.

The OT space where you and I live needs a dedicated OT solution for such a critical piece of business to be cyber-secured, affordable with minimal complexity (when building the networks), and last but not least - future scalable growth in mind. Now, this is the point where we step around. Get with Tosibox to better understand your options as we cross the digital divide - together.

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Blog post is written by Ryan Harenberg- professional Regional Sales Manager and team member.