Remember to keep your devices up-to-date

We kindly remind you that it is essential and vital for the functionality of the product that the device is updated with the latest software release. It is highly recommended that automatic updates are enabled. By enabling automatic updates, the lock/node will check the updates at a specified time and install available firmware.

Check the Support article for manual update installation For Locks/Nodes and For HUB (VCL)

Risks of not updating the firmware

Using outdated firmware poses several risks:

  • Increased vulnerability: Cybercriminals continue developing new methods to exploit vulnerabilities as time passes. Without updates, a product becomes increasingly vulnerable to attacks, potentially compromising the entire system or network it is intended to protect.
  • Compliance issues: Using outdated products may lead to compliance violations with industry regulations and standards. Many regulatory bodies require organizations to maintain up-to-date security measures to protect sensitive data and ensure customer privacy.
  • Decreased performance: Unsupported products may experience compatibility issues with newer software, hardware, or network protocols, leading to reduced performance or system instability. This can disrupt operations and impact productivity.
  • Legal and liability concerns: In the event of data compromise, using outdated products risks organizations to legal liabilities and financial penalties. Courts may view neglecting to update security measures as negligence in protecting sensitive information.
  • Missing Features: Tosibox regularly brings new features and functionality through firmware updates. By not updating, you miss out on these improvements, which could enhance the usability or functionality of your network.
  • Continued Technical Support: Tosibox provides support and assistance for the latest firmware. If you encounter issues with outdated firmware, our technical support can ask you to update your network to receive support or troubleshooting assistance.

To mitigate these risks, it's essential for organizations to review and update their devices regularly.