1. Fidelix Ltd, founded in 2002, is developing technology that seeks to improve indoor climates, optimize energy consumption, extend the life cycles of buildings and make building ownership easier and more profitable. The company has 12 regional offices in Finland and a subsidiary in Sweden. Fidelix’s turnover is 30 MEUR and its 230 employees are making buildings smarter. Fidelix has supplied building automation systems for two new architectural meeting places at the heart of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The Central Library Oodi has gained great popularity, and in just four months since its opening it has already welcomed more than one million visitors. Amos Rex is a private art museum whose spectacular exhibition spaces attract queues daily.




Amos Rex is built underground, which creates particularly demanding conditions. Humidity and room temperature are maintained steady by monitoring and adjusting.

Fidelix’s reliable building automation system guarantees a long life cycle for all types and sizes of buildings. The system controls a building’s heating, ventilation and lighting according to needs and circumstances, and the precisely tuned building automation system even significantly improves the building’s energy efficiency. In big popular public spaces, the building technology works inconspicuously.

Building automation systems require remote access for effortless monitoring and adjusting of building technology. The end users of the systems include for instance maintenance companies, so ease of use and information security were important criteria for the solution. After construction period, the building automation system of the Central Library Oodi would be connected to the City of Helsinki’s network, but a secure remote access was needed also in the construction phase for programming and testing the system.


Fidelix Oodi_Helsinki_outside_01_photo

In the final phase, remote adjustments and measurements were made that each saved a few hours of work and travel time. Instead of traveling from the office to the center of Helsinki, a pump or a valve could be opened remotely in a matter of minutes.

TOSIBOX technology is widely recognized as the industry standard in building automation, where secure connectivity is paramount. TOSIBOX® Lock secures the building automation system as its firewall prevents all unnecessary transmission of data. Fidelix takes secure remote connectivity seriously and has chosen the TOSIBOX solution for both establishing remote access and monitoring the performance of building automation systems. Oodi and Amos Rex are just two examples of hundreds of Fidelix’s sites whose building automation is secured by TOSIBOX.

Once the construction work progressed and electricity was provided to the sub-centers at Oodi and Amos Rex, Fidelix was able to program and test its building automation systems remotely using TOSIBOX. Even with a mechanic on site, programming can be carried out remotely. In the final phase, remote adjustments and measurements were made that each saved a few hours of work and travel time. Instead of traveling from the office to the center of Helsinki, a pump or a valve could be opened remotely in a matter of minutes.

Fidelix has granted access rights for using TOSIBOX to its own project personnel as well as to the sites’ builders and customers who can follow the implementation by logging in. The remote access is also being used to collect data in Fidelix’s control room.

“We use TOSIBOX® solution for practically all our sites. For us, information security, connection reliability and centralized management are the most important criteria.”

Kyösti Alatupa, Group Manager, Fidelix Oy


  • Patented security. TOSIBOX® offers first class security in building automation. It’s not a cloud service, but a direct VPN tunnel between the physical devices. Only trusted devices can access the network.
  • Cost efficiency. With TOSIBOX® there is no need for fixed IP addresses, leading to cost savings.
  • Easy deployment. With TOSIBOX®, you can use the same network configuration every time instead of spending hours fixing separate network properties for every location. The configuration can be automated so that the whole deployment takes place in only 15 seconds.
  • Device access management. With TOSIBOX® you can easily create access groups and share relevant data with e.g. maintenance staff, estate managers, subcontractors and property owners.


Fidelix Ltd was founded in 2002 to develop and perform contract work on intelligent and reliable building automation and safety systems. Over the years, the company’s advanced innovations have helped Fidelix to grow into one of the largest companies in the sector in Finland. Fidelix Ltd’s headquarters, product development and production units are located in Vantaa. The company has 12 regional offices in Finland and a subsidiary in Sweden. Fidelix’s turnover is 30 MEUR and its 230 employees are making buildings smarter.

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