Optergy, based in Australia, delivers scalable building software and hardware solutions that optimize building performance, improve energy efficiency, and provide accurate cost recovery for building owners and operators. Their core business centers on creating smart spaces that improve occupant well-being, engagement, productivity, and control.

Initiating Collaboration with Tosibox

Optergy's cooperation with Tosibox began when they recognized the need to provide their customers with secure and reliable remote connectivity solutions. "We were impressed by Tosibox's expertise in the field of VPN technology for the built environment and their commitment to delivering cutting-edge security solutions. Recognizing the value of their products, we decided to forge a partnership with Tosibox to enhance our offerings and meet the evolving needs of our customers," says Imtee Baksh, Director of Business Development - Global Markets.

Elevating Security and Efficiency in Building Management

Tosibox has added significant value to Optergy’s business and offerings with its secure solutions that enhance remote connectivity for small to medium-sized buildings, one of the key target markets for Optergy.

This partnership enhances digital security, energy efficiency, and interoperability for building owners. Optergy is excited to offer a secure, scalable, reliable, and cost-effective remote connectivity and management solution.

Vision for the future

Optergy's future plans and visions include expanding the partnership with Tosibox through their global network of system integrators and end users. "We aim to leverage Tosibox's expertise to further enhance our building solutions' security, scalability, and functionality. We strive to empower our customers with innovative technologies that enable them to easily optimize building performance, improve energy efficiency, and provide accurate cost recovery," states Baksh.

We at Tosibox are thrilled to embark on this innovative partnership journey with Optergy. This collaboration signifies a significant step towards ensuring enhanced security and efficiency in building management. Our focus on delivering cutting-edge security solutions aligns perfectly with Optergy's commitment to optimizing building performance and improving energy efficiency.

For more information, please contact:
Tosibox Press Contact: Kaija Sellman, CEO, +358 40 5550 725 , kaija.sellman@tosibox.com or
Mark Dilchert, VP Sales Asia Pacific/Africa, +61 424 445 395, mark.dilchert@tosibox.com 

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