They were founded in 1967 and have grown into an award-winning, internationally recognized Smart Building Controls Distributor.

Cochrane Supply is proud to be a source of building automation systems, HVAC controls, smart building technology, and building controls and services. With a best-in-class tech support team and dedicated training division, Cochrane Supply provides the resources and tools to help contractors, systems integrators, facility managers, and engineers optimize their success in the industry. The company’s customer-centric staff has been connecting integrated building systems for more than two decades, staying at the forefront of smart building control solutions and leveraging the growing possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT). Additionally, the experienced developers at Cochrane Tech Services provide custom software development for various industrial IoT and building automation and controls solutions like the Niagara Framework.

Greg Fitzpatrick, Cochrane Business Development, states that “The building automation industry is in the middle of a major shift. The emergence of smart buildings, along with the technology and services that support these buildings, has brought cybersecurity awareness to the forefront of many conversations. System integrators, end users, and consulting engineers are looking for simple and secure solutions to address VPN access and virtual networks for their facilities. TOSIBOX has been our go-to product and is a component in the majority of the designs that we do for our customers.”

“Cochrane has been very successful with TOSIBOX due to their vision and focuses on cutting edge technologies, their forward-thinking, and the ability of their teams to both learn and adopt new technologies and constantly dance with the changes of the industry and technology. This makes them a great partner,” says Sandra Thoene, the Head of Channel Sales in North America. “Their focus of ensuring that everyone understands the value of automation, cybersecurity, and data collection is the key.”

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