SECURE CORNER GmbH is a German-based service and solution supplier with training and support for video security providers within the DACH region. Secure, fast, and easily manageable remote connections are a must-have for central monitoring stations and their partners. They are primarily focused on the physical security market and typical industrial applications, including machine builders and full-service providers on building automation sites among others.

“I remember our first contact was in November 2012, nearly six months before the founding of SECURE CORNER”, says Sebastien Fieber, the founder of Secure Corner. "While searching for a solution to stream video surveillance systems on mobile phones in an easy and smart way, our contact with Tosibox came up. By getting a promise that unnecessary changes in customers’ network would no longer be needed, we decided to order our first Tosibox samples at the beginning of 2013. Though the manual for the device was written in Finnish, the system was up and running within four minutes!." says Mr. Fieber, and continues, "I was deeply impressed. I immediately recognized the great potential for problem-solving on customers’ sites." 

That was the beginning of Tosibox and SECURE CORNER's cooperation leading to a close partnership during the last ten years. "I appreciated every type of meeting – our first being in the UK, followed by many meetings in Oulu and Helsinki, but also partner gatherings in and around Frankfurt," adds Mr. Fieber. 

Why Tosibox?
"The answer to “why choosing Tosibox” is the same as it was already ten years ago; secure and easy remote connection with all kinds of internet connection, from small 1:1 - up to full scalable applications - Tosibox has the right solution for all," states Mr. Fieber. 

Today, Mr. Fieber recognizes that topics like SaaS are increasing focusing on customer sites. They are regularly providing training and webinars for remote applications powered by Tosibox. Still, in the future, SECURE CORNER wants to support their customers even more intensively when implementing the Tosibox technology on their devices.

We are delighted and proud to have SECURE CORNER as our partner, who has been one of the first established partnerships in Germany. 

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