OEM Automatic is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of industrial automation components. An extensive and detailed range composed of products from leading manufacturers gives customers a unique opportunity to make all their purchases from one supplier.

"In the last few years, we have, together with our partners, developed an IIOT-range of products to supply our customers with the right solutions for connecting their components. Tosibox plays an essential part in our offerings and solves a big problem when it comes to remote access solutions., says Sören Krause, the Product Manager from OEM Automatic. Sören Krause_OEM _web

"With the idea of digitalizing an application or factory, many of our customers know already what they want to achieve but not precisely how they can make it in reality. Thanks to Tosibox, getting our customers started with a remote access solution has become much easier. OEM Automatic is a components distributor with the right competence, and this is exactly what we want to specialize in. " says Mr. Krause.

OEM Automatic's customers can easily see the benefits of a secure remote access solution but are in no way scared of an overly complicated product. "TOSIBOX gives customers a straightforward solution with high functionality and top-notch security for a fair price, and this is exactly what we want to be able to offer to our customers." ads Mr. Krause.

Roger Vestin, the Head of Sales Scandinavia in Tosibox, says that the partnership with OEM Automatic works well, being very open and transparent. "OEM Automatic is a serious partner that takes care of Tosibox in a very professional way. Customers can expect good support from the entire organization regarding sales, technical support, and delivery. We share the same commitment of loyalty and long-term agreements that leads to solid ties." 

We look forward to continuing great 2022.

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OEM Automatic

"TOSIBOX, being easy to get started with and use efficiently without the need for more profound IT know-how, is the perfect addition to our product range", Sören Krause, Product Manager, OEM Automatic AB