Tosibox is thrilled to announce that the 2023 North America Industrial Automation Distributor of the Year is Crescent Electric

Crescent Electric stands out as a Tosibox distribution partner. The company is built on dedication to their customers. Whether their customers work in the residential, commercial, or industrial sectors, Crescent provides both the inventory required and expertise needed to help achieve the right results. Their focus on the training and knowledge of their technical experts and providing innovative solutions makes them an exemplary partner.

Edwin Ojeda, SVP, Industrial Business is thrilled about the award, “we are truly honored to receive the 2023 Tosibox IA Partner of the Year award. This accolade reflects our unwavering commitment to automation excellence and our strategic partnership with Tosibox. As we celebrate this achievement, we reaffirm our dedication to market making in the industrial automation sector, bolstered by the remarkable capabilities of Tosibox solutions. Together, we look forward to continuing to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional service to our customers. Here’s to achieving even greater milestones in 2024 and beyond!”

“It’s Crescent’s focus on automation, innovation, the impressive knowledge and skills demonstrated by their technical team, their forward-thinking approach to adopt transformative platforms like Tosibox and leverage it for their customers’ benefit that made them the winner” says Sandra Thoene, Head of Channel Sales in the Americas.

About Crescent Electric

Crescent Electric is a family company founded in Dubuque, Iowa more than 100 years ago. Crescent began as an electrical supplier serving a few Midwest towns. There are now more than 150 locations operating coast to coast. Today, Crescent is also known for project management and jobsite consultation services. Customers know they are building on a tradition of service excellence and industry expertise for the century ahead.

For more information about becoming a distribution partner, please contact Sandra Thoene
+1 770.402.0816