In an ever-growing world of buzzwords, Industry 4.0 might seem to blend in. It is essential, however, for us to break down the fourth industrial revolution, understand what it means for the advancement of our business models, and how that will transform the way we service our customers.

Industry 4.0 provides a framework for using data to optimize processes, reducing costly inefficiencies, and increasing top-line revenues through higher-quality goods and services. This framework also enables the next generation of service by supporting active-service platform models to replace the reactive-service approach we have been content with for far too long – Think predictive and preventative maintenance programs!
Manufacturers and integrators recognize the value in their digital transformation, yet most are still sitting in the ‘idea’ phase without a roadmap for execution. Your organization has the expertise and resources to develop these strategies. However, traditional network processes, built on complex IT backbones, have made implementation difficult and leave these high-value recurring revenue models to collect dust.

Heading towards the Next Generation Services Platform
So, how are savvy integrators building next-generation service platforms for their customers and executing these ideas? The answer is Automation.
As integrators, your customers rely on you for process automation, and you rely on Tosibox for network automation. By automating the networking from edge to cloud/server and embedding cybersecurity throughout, you can focus your efforts on the end goal: Providing innovative services to your customers while driving high value, recurring revenue to your books. Pair this with a network that is agnostic to any combination of ethernet-enabled edge device and SCADA packages through protocol and software agnostic tunnels, and you have the foundation for your Next Generation Services Platform.

We at Tosibox are already helping secure and manage OT networks in 150 countries. Tosibox is your cybersecure infrastructure for acquiring and analyzing your process data, connecting your people, and improving your machines. Bottom line – Tosibox is the foundation for your Industry 4.0 journey, opening the door for the next generation of service providers.

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Blog post is written by Eric Cohen - OT Network professional having talks about Industry 4.0,  Smarter buildings, Smarter cities, Cybersecurity, and Digital transformation and John Fagan - professional having talks about Smarter Cities, IoT , SaaS and GovTech.