Tosibox, a renowned provider of secure industrial connectivity solutions, and Innotech, a leading technology company specializing in Building Automation solutions, are excited to announce their strategic collaboration to deliver cutting-edge building automation solutions to the global market. This partnership aims to leverage Innotech's strong distribution network to bring Tosibox's advanced connectivity solutions to the building automation industry, offering significant benefits and opportunities for customers worldwide.

Through this collaboration, Tosibox and Innotech aim to further advance the building automation market by combining their strengths and providing customers with advanced connectivity and automation solutions. Key highlights of the collaboration include:
1.    Seamless connectivity: Integrating Tosibox's secure remote network access technology with Innotech's building automation platforms enable cross -diverse connections of systems and devices to facilitate centralized monitoring, control, and management of building operations.
2.    Enhanced security: Tosibox's robust security features ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data transmissions, protecting critical building automation systems from cyber threats and unauthorized access. The collaboration will empower customers with peace of mind and a secure infrastructure for their smart buildings.
3.    Scalability and flexibility: The partnership will offer scalable solutions that can adapt to buildings of various sizes and complexities, from single facilities to large-scale projects. Customers benefit from the ease and flexibility to expand and upgrade their building automation systems as needed.
4.    Global distribution network: Leveraging Innotech's strong distribution network, the collaboration enables Tosibox's cutting-edge building automation solutions to reach a global customer base. This extended market presence will facilitate easier access to innovative technologies and foster increased adoption of advanced building automation solutions worldwide.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Innotech and extend our reach in the building automation market," said Mark Dilchert, VP Sales APAC of Tosibox. "Through this partnership, we can provide even more customers with secure and scalable connectivity solutions that enable intelligent control and optimization of their building operations."

"By incorporating Tosibox's connectivity solutions into our building automation platforms, we can offer our customers enhanced connectivity, security, and sustainability. This collaboration enables us to provide comprehensive and future-proof building automation solutions that drive operational efficiency and occupant comfort." Says Joel Fraser, GM Partner Solutions of Innotech.

The collaboration between Tosibox and Innotech represents a significant milestone in the building automation industry, bringing together advanced connectivity and automation solutions to empower customers in their digital transformation journey. Together, they aim to shape the future of smart buildings and contribute to a more sustainable and connected world.

For more information, please contact:
Tosibox Press Contact: Kaija Sellman, CEO, +358 40 5550 725 , or
Mark Dilchert, VP Sales Asia Pacific/Africa, +61 424 445 395, 
Innotech Press Contact: Joel Fraser, General Manager Partner Solutions, +61 7 3421 9100.

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