WAGO and Tosibox have been closely collaborating since 2018. At that time, Tosibox was transforming the lock hardware into a software product, and around the same time, WAGO incorporated Docker technology into its programs. This allowed WAGO's automation technology to be seen as a potential first commercial platform for the TOSIBOX® Lock for Container solution. In 2019, at the SPS exhibition in Germany, this solution was already presented as the result of their collaboration, as stated by WAGO's Sales Manager, Jarno Luomanpää. This innovation has been a pioneering breakthrough in the field.

So, from the beginning, WAGO's automation played a crucial role in enabling this solution. The solution effectively combines the strengths of Tosibox's software and WAGO's automation technology, such as integration into VPN infrastructure. In 2019, the growing importance of secure remote connections was already known, but creating and managing secure connections was challenging.  Tosibox's solution is developed with an easy-to-use mindset. It has taken its place in the markets by successfully providing an easy way to create and manage secure remote connections.

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The collaboration between WAGO and Tosibox continues to be strong. Tosibox's software solution is now a part of WAGO's cybersecurity offerings, and together, we have developed solutions that have transformed industrial automation. In addition to the ongoing and close collaboration in Finland, Tosibox is WAGO's IoT partner in Germany.

WAGO's Sales Manager, Jarno Luomanpää, commented on the collaboration: "Together with Tosibox, we have responded to a clear need with joint innovation. We have made it easier to establish and manage cyber-secure connections while also meeting the growing cybersecurity requirements. Existing solutions are constantly evolving and gaining new features to meet our customer´s needs. Standards are rising, and we are not standing still."

The Future of Collaboration

Legislation and requirements are increasing, so the need for joint offerings is growing. There is a growing demand for open automation platforms. In the context of open automation and software-centric automation, cybersecurity is a crucial aspect that continues to grow in importance in every field. Additionally, within the EU, the cybersecurity regulation is adding requirements. WAGO is already IEC 62443-4-1 certified, and Tosibox is ISO 27001 certified, emphasizing the importance of high cybersecurity levels for both companies, now and in the future.

Both companies are continually working on the development of their existing products, their features, and their product portfolios. This further creates new opportunities for collaboration as software-centric automation is on the rise. There is a lot of potential for standardizing software solutions starting all the way from the operating system level.

Stay tuned for the next chapter! 

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