TOSIBOX® Central Lock (product code TBCL1) sale was discontinued 2022. End of Life (EOL) was announced in March 2023. Product will face its End of Support by the December 31st of 2023, as we have developed our solutions into virtual platforms. 

In practice, this means that in order to ensure the functionality of the network environment, customers need to switch their physical device to a supported, modern software version. You can migrate your current CL environment to a Virtual Central Lock (HUB) or to the Tosibox Platform licensing. Please consult Tosibox sales or Customer Support for more detailed information.





End of Sales

End of Sale defines the day after which a TOSIBOX® product is no longer available for purchase from Tosibox. End of Sale is announced for a product typically 90 days prior to End-of-Life date. The discontinued products will not be available for quoting after the discontinuance date.

December 31 2022

Expedited End of Life

End of Life date defines the day after which a TOSIBOX® product is no longer available for deliveries from Tosibox. End of Life is a public announcement made on company website. Products in End-of-Life may receive security patches and other critical system software fixes on Tosibox’s discretion.

March 16 2023

End of Support

End of Support defines the date after which hardware or software engineering support will no longer be available. After End of Support all product information will be removed from public sources including company website and helpdesk. Security patches and other critical system software fixes can be made available during the End-of-Life period up to End of Support date on Tosibox’s discretion.

December 31 2023