Tosibox Oy , the trusted leader in secure IoT connectivity solutions announces its expanding cooperation with OEM Automatic , a leading industrial automation distributor in Europe. Tosibox first entered in partnership with the Swedish OEM Automatic AB in October 2018, and further deepened the cooperation by partnering with the company’s Danish subsidiary OEM Automatic Klitsø in September 2019. Now the partnership grows to a new level as the companies have agreed that OEM Automatic will promote Tosibox in all European countries where it is present. This means Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and the United Kingdom.

“We had a fantastic first year with Tosibox, this would not have been possible without the support of Tosibox. The solution is simple and is right in time for our customers' needs. We look forward to launching TOSIBOX® in other OEM countries and that we will achieve the same success as in Sweden,” says Andreas Friberg, Product Manager at OEM Automatic. Tosibox has developed a unique technology for secure IoT connectivity, remote maintenance and network management. The award-winning TOSIBOX® solution brings several benefits to modern industrial automation systems such as standard deployment, IT/OT convergence solved, easy network management and maximum operating time. The company’s flagship product, TOSIBOX® Lock 500 is a next-generation connectivity device designed specifically for industrial environments, ensuring massive VPN throughput for data acquisition, several connection options for reliable remote access, and industrial form-factor.

Tosibox aims for vigorous international growth, and good distribution partners are strategically important for us. We have worked with OEM Automatic in Sweden for over a year now, and they have proven themselves to be an excellent partner. We are now excited to expand our cooperation further in Scandinavia and Europe.

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Andreas Friberg, Product Manager, OEM Automatic, +46 76 527 89 18

About OEM Automatic

OEM Automatic is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of components for industrial automation. A wide and deep range of products from leading manufacturers gives customers a unique opportunity to assemble their purchases with a single supplier. By functioning as the manufacturers’ local organization with full responsibility for all sales, we can offer a unique range with over 25,000 items from more than 100 leading manufacturers in over 14 countries. Our existence is based on extensive knowledge of the manufacturer’s products and a deep understanding of the customer’s needs combined with an extensive range.