Patented TOSIBOX® connectivity technology developed by the Finnish company Tosibox Oy can be integrated into third-party devices for establishing secure remote connectivity between elevators and the network operation center (NOC). 

JNT is among the first companies to pilot TOSIBOX® Lock for Container, the software for connecting devices to the TOSIBOX® ecosystem. The Lock for Container perfectly suited the needs of the company, who are piloting it in an ambitious project comprising 18 buildings in Egypt’s new administrative capital that is being built from scratch. Another similar project is in Dubai, where six sites need to be interconnected. JNT identified a gap between edge and cloud in communication layers. Since most of the edge devices are embedded systems with limited resource, a full-package solution was needed to bridge the gap and localize cloud at premises.

Tosibox’s software products, Lock for Container and Virtual Central Lock were used to establish between them a point-to-point VPN tunnel over WAN, enabling secure and reliable remote connectivity for IP calls from communication things. JNT installs TOSIBOX® Lock for Container in all its jNode devices, and the license is later activated by the customer. Each building has one jNode with the TOSIBOX® Lock for Container software inside, and there is a gateway at the control center. This solution brings added value to JNT by enabling easy remote maintenance and data collection, a standard way of commissioning and easy activation. The company plans to use TOSIBOX® Lock for Container more widely in its upcoming projects, enabling new services and sales opportunities.

“Thanks to TOSIBOX® Lock for Container, we have a rich offer of technologies, solutions and services! This brings big opportunities to realize in sales as well as unleashing the power of the cloud without compromising security,” says Matti Niasmand from JNT Telecom AB.

“Wherever people move, there is a need for effective communication systems. The benefit of integrating TOSIBOX® technology inside third-party devices is efficiency: there is no longer need for additional hardware, which streamlines installations and saves space. Integrating the software inside your product also brings forth whole new ways for companies to reap the benefits of IoT through new business models,” says Jarno Limnéll, CEO at Tosibox.

Since 1990, JNT has been a telecom and communication provider. With their headquarter in Sweden, JNT has presence in more than 50 countries. Over 1,500 major projects have been delivered for clients around the world from the cold climate of Sweden to the dry deserts of Saudi Arabia. JNT is a trusted partner for the design, supply, integration, and management of communication systems with a proven track record.