Set up remote access of the server in your company network with firewall securely with VPN & encryption technology easily with our Plug & GO™ connection method in minutes, without the need for software installations, network configurations or tech savvy skills. 

Join JJ-LAPP and Tosibox to learn how to easily bring your factory automation to the next level of security and solve production floor disruptions from anywhere on the go.

Remote Access Factory Automation Through Secure Networking
When: March 15, 2022, 10am-11am (GMT +8)


Presenters: Mark Dilchert, VP sales APAC & Africa, Tosibox

JJ-LAPP was founded as a joint venture between Jebsen & Jessen and LAPP Holding Asia, a subsidiary of LAPP Group in Germany, to become the leading cable and connectivity solutions provider in ASEAN. They are serving the Building Automation, Industrial Automation, Renewable Energy, Original Equipment Manufacturer, Transportation, and Automotive sectors with cable and connectivity solutions since 1980.