Cyber-risks are challenging every organization.  Are you aware of the recommendations what is needed to do?

Focusing on Operational excellent with the skill of building secure infrastructure for clients is what Tosibox has provided to its valued client base over the past years.

Let's talk about the cybersecurity recommendations for your infrastructure.

We have seen that organizations sell complexity as part of their value, when the technology should be handling all of this for you. Interested in understanding how we have solved this?

The Tosibox Platform is ISO27001 certified, a fully automated OT platform that embeds industry leading cybersecurity in every connection automatically. The platform is also completely protocol agnostic, meaning, use any manufacturers ethernet capable equipment and speak any protocol you desire.

Here are some of the reasons why The Tosibox Platform has been approved by IT groups of global enterprise organizations in over 150 countries:

-Fully embedded edge-to-edge OT cybersecurity
-Automated point-to-point, layer 2 and 3 capable VPN connections
-256-bit AES encryption
-No Static IPs = Internet invisible
-Existing corporate & cloud firewall friendly
-No 3rd party cloud routing
-User access control down to the port, protocol, or MAC ID/IP level
-Physical first multi-factor authentication
-Seamless integration with existing IT networks and applications

We are proud to say we have developed a simplified way for organizations to Secure, Connect, and Access their assets globally.

To take immediate steps toward cybersecurity in OT networks - Check out five key recommendations:

Step 1: Secure all IP nodes behind an Internet invisible firewall

Step 2: Segment operational and IT networks to prevent lateral traversing in the case of an intrusion

Step 3: Distribute all access control through physical first, multi-factor authentication (Zero Trust Network Access)

Step 4: Institute logging to audit who has accessed what and when

Step 5: Backup operational data to minimize downtime in the case of a destructive breach

For more information on best practices for securing your critical infrastructure, book a session to understand more on how this can be easily achieved.