TOSIBOX is ISO 27001-certified connectivity solution. Certification proves that security is our cornerstone when developing and building OT networks. Tosibox can connect anything! Trains, planes, any server, device, VFD, PLC, cameras, cars, you name it. Our solution connects and secures your sites and devices, identifies users, and encrypts all traffic - all automated.

Tosibox technology adheres to the highest standards and builds on the physical security foundation. Our products identify each other by cryptographic pairing in which the user Key is matched with the Node before use, creating a trust relationship between them. When the VPN remote connection is established between the user Key and the Node, the information is encrypted and decrypted only at the connection end points (devices). You are in control and you own your data. There are no backdoors. Nobody – not even Tosibox– can decrypt the data in between. Tosibox does not retain any private keys or passwords for the products. Our technical support can gain remote access only after the user has explicitly turned on the remote support feature.

The two-factor authentication is about verifying multiple properties of the client logging in claiming to be a legitimate user.
1. The physical TOSIBOX® Key or a Mobile Client device is "Something that the user has"
2. The password for the network or the device management UI is "Something that the user knows"

Our solutions are using industry standard and proven technologies such as the RSA cryptosystem, AES 256 encryption, Diffie–Hellman key exchange and TLS sessions. We are hiding all the technical complexity “behind the scenes” making our solutions easy to use with our registered trademark Plug&Go.

Plug&Go means that taking Tosibox "from box into use" takes only few minutes and no complicated configurations are required. We’ve automated in seconds what used to take days or weeks to do. With fewer things for users to remember and worry about, TOSIBOX® products are practically impossible to misconfigure.

For more security related questions or concerns, please visit our Security Center or contact our sales team for a free demonstration.

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